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T5mpler's Youtube Channel's Birthday is was coming. He invited people over to come celebrate. All the people invited were became staff but it was a bad idea... You see the staff were idiots (except PurpleGhost) and stole and hid all of T5mpler's Youtube Items. T5mpler's then asked you to go get them for him and you said yes.

TO WIN: Get all 7 Youtube Items and get out

Here are some of the changes:

  • The MathGame isn't just math, it's trivia for Baldi's Basics and Math. Be prepared!
  • The JumpRope game is an arcade and the arcade will give you a random amount of jumps for you to do. Not just a set number. TIP: Jump when it says to jump
  • The Detention times are changed here are they;

    25 seconds, 40 seconds, 80 seconds, 100 seconds, 31,536,000 seconds (yes that's a year lmao)

  • Arts and Crafters will attack at a random amount of YoutubeItems not a set amount. Be prepared! The only good thing is he only attacks once and that's it...
  • FirstPrize has a random turn speed, it randomized fast!
  • If you don't have 3 items the Bully will deny your path. And if you *do* then he'll take them all. Sorry

    That's all the changes... Trust me there are more!

#horror #strategy #other

Install instructions

Just download the folder and extract it and "T5mpler's Youtube House (V1.15)" is the application.



T5mpler's Youtube House Baldi 1.4.3, V1.15.zip 322 MB
T5mpler's Youtube House [(Baldi 1.4.3) V1.15] (No Icon Version).zip 322 MB

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Oh hell yeah that's a sexy mod

SIDE NOTE: MediaGamesGuide played this. that's yeet!


I really like Arcadetime.

Thanks, it's suppose to be inspired by Glittertime

BTW, The Arcade-themed Character in 80's Edition (The Mod where Glittertime is) is Arcades and 8-bitters. Do you know him?

I actually don't know, also i didn't recognize you cause not really in the community

Also, I can't believe that you didn't recognize me.

Might be Hard...

lol it is kinda suppose to be hard with all the changes.