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Ah Character's Basics by most popular mod. I personally love this mod. and it seems like you guys too so I made this mod. This was suppose to be released eariler but I was a bit lazy and also my pc got taken away for a couple days so sorry. I still hope you like it I took quite some time to port the textures to 1.4.3.

Some new things in this are

-New Tile floor
-There's now trivia on Character's Basics. If you haven't played Character's Basics go play that before this or you won't understand the questions.
-There's a new Playtime ooooo
-Principure Ghost is now drawn and dithered I personally think that's better

Install instructions

1. Download the file

2. Extract the file

3. Characters Basics Remastered Edition .exe is the game


Character's Basics The 1.4.3 & Remastered Edition Have Fun!.zip 330 MB


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Deleted 132 days ago

You Nor Found Fotos you Steal

It,s decompile? Or no plz android

1.4.3 isnt compatible with decompiles. Also i don't know how to port these to android

Hi there wassup